About Our Firm

We are a unique Alaska law firm. Our practice emphasizes estate planning, estate and trust administration, small business formation, and tax planning for businesses.

The firm began in 1977. Our Alaska clients come from all over the state: from Ketchikan in the South, Barrow in the North, Sandpoint in the West, Glennallen in the East, and points in between. We literally cover almost all of the geography in this largest state of the United States. We also provide estate planning services to non-residents of Alaska who are interested in Alaska's new estate planning approaches.

We are very active in developing and implementing Alaska's new perpetual trusts, self-settled discretionary spendthrift trusts, limited liability companies, and optional community property system, for both residents and non-residents of Alaska. Our firm is actively involved in the development of Alaska legislation implementing these approaches, and improving Alaska state law to make it one of the best states in which to accomplish estate planning and for trust and estate administration. We work with counsel representing nonresidents of Alaska who are interested in obtaining information about, or implementing, these new approaches.