An Alaska Law Firm Which Practices in the Areas of:

Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration, Business Formation and Transactions, and Tax Planning.

Moose in Lake in Anchorage Alaska

We are a unique Alaska law firm. Our practice emphasizes estate planning, estate and trust administration, small business formation, and tax planning for businesses.

The firm began in 1977. Our Alaska clients come from all over the state: from Ketchikan in the South, Barrow in the North, Sandpoint in the West, Glennallen in the East, and points in between. We literally cover almost all of the geography in this largest state of the United States. We also provide estate planning services to non-residents of Alaska who are interested in Alaska's new estate planning approaches.

We are Here to Help During this Extraordinary and Concerning Time.

We are all worried about the health and financial consequences of this pandemic. While we work together to weather the COVID-19 outbreak, we can also review the estate planning that we have in place for our families.

This review includes:

  1. Choices of personal representatives and trustees;
  2. Choices of agents under powers of attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, and Disposition of Remains documents;
  3. Adjustments we want to make to gifts under our wills and trusts.

The pandemic has affected values of assets, investments, and business interests. Interest rates have been reduced. This environment creates a planning opportunity for gifting, selling, and using other available techniques to transfer assets to carefully drafted irrevocable trusts. The trusts will avoid federal and state estate taxes and provide asset protection for you, your children, and their descendants.

Planning for your family’s future is what we do and today is no different. During the COVID-19 pandemic our office remains open. During the “Hunker Down” period we are working from home to serve our clients. Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like to discuss making updates to your planning. We are ready to assist.

Gift And Estate Tax Laws Are Changing, Perhaps Earlier Than Expected.